Choose one of these banal adventures below or suffer through them all in 24 hours!

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The Bathroom

The Office

Two days after Mr. Kinzinger called for removing Mr. Trump from office following the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, 11 members of his family sent him a handwritten two-page letter, saying he was in cahoots with “the devil’s army” for making a public break with the president.

An idea from 12 Days Ago That May Not Be Funny Now

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  1. CoronawithLime virus
  2. CoronaQueens virus
  3. CoronaIsSpanishforCrown virus
  4. ReinasIsSpanishforQueens virus
  5. Winona (Ryder) virus
  6. Fiona (Apple) virus
  7. Ramona (Quimby) virus
  8. Daytona virus
  9. Barcelona virus
  10. Pamplona virus
  11. The Flu
  12. Bologna virus (Sorry, Italy)
  13. SedonaArizona Virus
  14. PersonaNonGrata Virus
  15. LeaveMeAloneA Virus
  16. MyCat’sNameisRona Virus
  17. Sharona virus (Self-quarantine)
  18. M-m-m-my Sharona virus (Seriously, stay home)
  19. M-m-m-m-m-m-m-my, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! virus (Not a joke. Stay home from 14 – 42 days)
  20. BacteriaIsFunBecauseIt’sNotA virus

Not pink things designed by women for women.

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…Too Much To Offer You My Seat

If you can endure a 60 hour labor, standing up for 35 minutes is a breeze.

I’m confident you don’t need my seat on this hot, overcrowded 8:45 am train.

When you’ve succumbed to the new world order but still believe in literacy for females.

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Congrats on your little one! As a smart parent, you know it’s never too early to learn to love reading, and at the rate things are going, it’s never too early for your daughter to understand her place in the world.

Here are the newest books to stock up baby’s library.

  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Why Don’t You Just Say You’re White?
  2. Goodnight Feminism
  3. The Taking Tree
  4. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, No More Blue Fish
  5. Hippos and Liberals Go Berserk!
  6. If You Give a Moose a Cookie He Will Assume You’re a Slut
  7. Chicka Chicka Save Your Boom Boom Until Marriage
  8. Your Body Our Choice
  9. Curious George Takes a Job, Grabs Women’s Asses “As Just A Joke”, Gets Fast-Tracked to CEO
  10. Oh the Places You’ll Never Go
  11. Everyone Poops But White Men’s Shit Doesn’t Stink
  12. If I Ran for President I’d Need to Move to a Country Like Germany…

If you told me four years ago that I’d actually go on 100 first dates by this time, after laughing hysterically, I’d call you crazy and go about my day.

Lisa Allison Pertoso

Following my fears → facilitator | writer | improviser | former dater @ +

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